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Acceptability of Decision Aid Scale A 10 item questionnaire for patients and a 15 item scale for physicians to rate the acceptability of...1. Risk and Decision Making
2. Patient Decision Aids
Acceptability Rate This! Download
Acceptability Scale Scale was developed to assess the acceptability of the electronic self-report for cancer (ESRA_C) sy...1. Cancer Acceptability Rate This! Download
ACE EBP Readiness Inventory Self efficacy of one's confidence to perform EBP competencies identified in the national consensus o...1. not specified
2. Education, Training, and or Career Development
Acute Subjective Responses to Subustances-Retrosepctive-Tobacco The Cigarette Evaluation Questionnaire (CEQ) assesses the degree to which subjects experience the re...1. Smoking/Tobacco Acute Subjective Response to Substances - Current Rate This!
Adherence (Self-Injection) Self-Efficacy Assesses how difficult an individual may expect it be to give him or helself an injection. Adherence...1. Self-Efficacy Self-efficacy (HBT) Rate This!
Adolescent Self-efficacy for Reducing Sedentary Behaviors A seven-item measure to assess confidence for reducing sedentary behaviors. Items address: 1) turnin...1. Physical Activity
2. Obesity
Self-efficacy (HBT) (1) Download
Adoption Emotional Readiness A 49-item, TTM scale that assesses stage, pros and cons, self-efficacy, and processes for taking...1. Risk and Decision Making Child Adoption Rate This!
Adoption of Care Management Practices To assess physician organizations’ use of diabetes Care Management Practices (CMPs), a telephone sur...1. Diabetes Adoption (1) Download
ADVANCE Scale A set of measures that assesses the readiness of faculty to take action and adopt the four speci...1. Education, Training, and or Career Development Advancing Women Scientists Rate This!
Affective Attitude Concepts from the TPB were assessed at T1 for moderate and vigorous PA separately regarding the refe...1. Physical Activity Attitudes Rate This!
Alberta Context Tool (ACT) The Alberta Context Tool (ACT) contains 56 items with 5- and 6-point Likert response formats. The co...1. Methods Organizational readiness for change (1)
Alcohol Abstinence Self-Efficacy Scale The ASSE has four 5-item subscales that measure types of relapse precipitants labeled negative affec...1. Substance Abuse Self-efficacy (HBT) Rate This!
Alcohol Outlet Density Measured by objective means - using liquor license data combined with geospatial analysis. Assoicati...1. Substance Abuse Physical Environment Rate This!
Amount, Type, and Frequency of Recent Cigarette Use The TLFB (Timeline Followback) protocol can be used to track use of single or multiple products. It ...1. Smoking/Tobacco Amount, Type, and Frequency of Recent Cigarette Use Rate This!
Anticipated Regret (2 items) Anticipated regret was measured by two items: ‘If I did not exercise at least six times in the next ...1. Physical Activity Anticipated regret Rate This!
Anticipated Regret (3 items) Three item measure. Seven point scale (Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree). The psychosocial determ...1. Physical Activity Anticipated regret Rate This!
Arm Span Individual stands with arms outstretched at shoulder level, and measurement of the arm span is the m...1. Anthropometrics Arm Span Rate This!
Armitage's Behavioral Intentions toward Reducing Smoking intention was measured with three items: “I intend to quit smoking in the next 2 months definitely d...1. Physical Activity Behavioral intention Rate This!
Armitage's PBC toward Reducing Smoking 7-point scale, five questions (e.g., “I believe I have the ability to quit smoking in the next 2 mon...1. Physical Activity Perceived Behavioral Control (HBT) Rate This!
Armitage's Subjective Norms toward Reducing Smoking 7-point scale, Subjective norm was operationalized using three items: “People who are important to m...1. Physical Activity Injunctive norms (formerly subjective norms) Rate This!
Armitage's Temptation to Smoke 9 items, 5-point scale, 3 questions x 3 categories: positive affect (e.g., "at a party"), negative a...1. Physical Activity Control beliefs Rate This!
Assessing Readiness for Collaborative Service Delivery These are TTM-based measures that assess employees' stage of readiness for collaborative service...1. Education, Training, and or Career Development Collaborative Service Delivery Rate This!
Assessing Readiness for Time-Limited Therapy A TTM measure that focuses on how organizations change. The measure assesses three dimensions, whic...1. Education, Training, and or Career Development Organizational Change Rate This!
Assessment of Chronic Illness Care (ACIC) A practical quality-improvement tool to help organizations evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of ...1. Diabetes
2. Quality improvement
Chronic Illness Care (2) Download
Assessment of Circumstance A multitude of factors play into a patient's access to healthcare. A lot of providers are unaware of...1. Social Determinants of Health Health Care Add More Info Download
Assessment of Survivor Concerns A brief (5 item) instrument developed for use in cancer survivors, which is specific to two factors:...1. Cancer Cancer Needs (7)
Atkinson's Perceived Attributes of eHealth Innovations A valid and reliable questionnaire to assess perceived attributes of technology-based health educati...1. not specified Acceptability (2) Download
Attention to mailed materials This assesses whether mailing recipients remember getting mailings and read the information.1. not specified Attention to mailed materials Add More Info
Attitude (6 items) Attitude, subjective norm, perceived behavioral control, and behavioral intention were all measured ...1. Physical Activity Attitudes Rate This!
Attitude (8 items) Eight 6-point semantic differential items were used to measure attitudes in response to the followin...1. Physical Activity Attitudes Rate This!
Attitude and Belief Items Related to Colorectal Cancer and Screening: Intentions 2 items1. Cancer Behavioral intention Rate This!
Attitude and Belief Items Related to Colorectal Cancer and Screening: Perceived susceptibility 3 items1. Cancer Attitudes Rate This!
Attitude and Belief Items Related to Colorectal Cancer and Screening: Salience and Coherence 4 items to assess salience and coherence of colorectal cancer screening1. Cancer Attitudes Rate This!
AUDIT-C (Alcohol Consumption Questions) Brief screener for problem drinking1. Substance Abuse Risky Drinking (1) Download
Autoimmune Diseases Related to Type 1 Diabetes The interviewer asks the respondents whether they (or their child) had certain autoimmune diseases. ...1. Diabetes Autoimmune Disease History (1)
Autonomous Forms fo Behavioural Regulation (Intrinsic Motivation) All variables were phrased specifically to be congruent with the behaviour in terms of action (physi...1. Physical Activity Intrinsic motivation Rate This!
Autonomy Preference Index (German modified version) API-Dm German modified version of the Autonomy Preference Index 11-item scale that assesses patients' desi...1. Methods preferences for autonomy Rate This!


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