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Recent WorkspacesCustomizable virtual areas to collaborate on a specific project

  • Health Behavior Theory (HBT)

    The goal of the Health Behavior Theory (HBT) GEM project is to make a significant contribution to the field by identifying and making readily accessible many theoretically driven health behavior measures.  Stakeholders are encouraged to provide feedback on these measures.

  • Tobacco Use by Cancer Patients

    This workspace is designed for use by NCI-AACR Cancer Patient Tobacco Use Assessment Task Force, a task force organized by the National Cancer Institute and the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). The focus of the task force is the assessment of individual tobacco use in cancer-related settings, whether during screening, diagnosis, treatment, or survivorship.

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) Campaign

    Goal: Identify a core set of brief, practical measures to be recommended for use in electronic health records (EHRs).

  • Distress Measurement Initiative (GEM-DM)

    Goals: 1) Assess which distress measures are being used in research and practice; and 2) Elicit feedback about the quality of current measures used in research and practice through ratings and comments, leading to promotion of the use of common measures.

  • Shared Decision Making

    Goal: To build consensus about the measurement of shared decision making(SDM) in the clinical setting by engaging the SDM research community in a discussion of priority SDM antecedent, process, quality, and outcome constructs and measures.

  • Developing a Global Cancer Stigma Index
    Goal: Test the translation and cultural context of a Spanish language cancer stigma index developed by RAND Corporation for LIVESTRONG.
  • Centers for Population Health and Health Disparities (CPHHD)
    Goal: 1) To identify which measures each Center is using, and 2) to determine comparability of measures across all Centers for use in future studies.
  • GEM-Dissemination and Implementation Initiative (GEM-D&I)
    Goal: Build consensus in the dissemination and implementation (D&I) research and practice community around high-priority process and outcome measures for use in D&I studies.
  • Translation Initiative (TI) Workspace
    Goal: To select and translate measures related to prostate cancer into English, French, and Portuguese.
  • The GEM-Care Planning Initiative (GEM-CP)
    Goal: To build consensus in the survivorship community around high-priority process and outcome measures for use in studies of survivorship care planning.
  • Center of Excellence in Cancer Communication (CECCR) II Workspace
    Goal: Collaborate to vet and share health-related measures, and facilitate analyses using harmonized data.

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Welcome to GEM, a web-based collaborative tool containing behavioral, social science, and other relevant scientific measures.

The goal of GEM is to support and encourage a community of users to drive consensus on best measures and share the resulting data from use of those measures.

GEM enables users to:

  • Add constructs or measures to the database
  • Contribute to and update existing information (metadata) about constructs and measures
  • Rate and comment on measures to drive consensus on best measures
  • Access and share harmonized data
  • Search for and download measures

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